Homework Resources
by Brian
It seems that all sixth graders have the same homework!  Below are my favorite links to websites to help you. 

Most of the homework help questions I am asked are repeats.  There are some terrific sources online with answers and ideas  to inspire you.  I'll share with you the ones I use myself.

Please promise to do something new and great.  Don't just copy words from these sites -- that would be plagiarism.  If that's not a strong enough warning, remember that your teachers know about these sites, too.

Homework Resources Index

General Research

National Geographic one-stop research
Great way to start researching your report topic! This page lets you search National Geographic and find results listed by category. Simply type in a topic like "Ancient Egypt" and you can find maps, art, and articles.

CIA World Factbook
Let the Central Intelligence Agency help you with your next country report. You'll find information on every country in the world. Imagine your teacher's expression when you say you got your information from the CIA!

Microsoft Encarta has lots of homework help. Check out their huge list of homework sites or search their encyclopedia.

Current Events with the New York Times
Perfect for brushing up on current events or researching any report topic. You can also take quizzes on current events, do crossword puzzles, learn cool science facts, or find out what happened on this day in history.

Homework help

Look up a word in the dictionary, thesaurus, or both. Check out the language frequently asked questions for tips on grammar, spelling, and more!

Google.com calculator
Did you know Google has a calculator? Enter something like "eleven plus two," "377+2224," or even "five years in minutes" in the Search box and Google will give you the answer.

Funbrain.Com Kids Center
Play fun games for every school subject. Connor recommends math baseball.

Interactive Periodic Table of the Elements
Studying chemistry? Check out this site, originally created by an eighth grader for a science project. Click on an element to learn more about it.

Fraction Help
Fractions can be tough, but this site helps you. You can compare fractions or even add, subtract, multiply, and divide them with a number line or shaded circles to help you.

Internet Museums

American Museum of Natural History
Not to be missed! The kids' site of the American Museum of Natural History is extensive and very well-organized. It's easy to search, and you can find anything you need to know about natural history here.

Mesopotamia-- the British Museum
This site has great information and even games about ancient Mesopotamia. Perfect for sixth grade social studies!

Colonial Williamsburg
Visit the famous Colonial Williamsburg online and find information for your American history report.

All Poe
Everything you ever want to know about Edgar Allan Poe and his work.

All Shakespeare
Everything you ever wanted to know about William Shakespeare and his work.

British Homework Help

The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) school site has homework help for all ages. Check out the "revise" section for help on any homework subject. (Revise means "study and review" in British English.)  Most of the site is useful for American kids, and sometimes it's just fun to see what British kids study in school!  For example, could you pass a test on Welsh?

BBC history sites:

Walk through time
This game lets you visit ancient times and try to guess what does not belong. If you click on something that does belong in the time, the site will tell you a little about it. So it lets you have fun and do research!

Ancient Greece
The BBC has a great site on Ancient Greece. Learn about Ancient Greece, or just play a fun cartoon game about the Olympics!

The BBC Vikings site is fun. Learn about the Vikings or just play games!

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